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Internet Fraud

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Put the Mouse Down and Step Away from the Internet

Taken by Web


Computer Protection
Protecting Your Computer

guarding computer

Protecting your computer.

Dating Websites
Dating Sites

Dating Websites dangers

Love interests, dating sites, how to try not to get taken.

Computer Hacked?


What is hacking, and what to do if it happens to you.

History Records / Cookies
History Records / Cookies, what is that?

History and Cookies

Records left behind after browsing the web, what are they?

Internet Banking
Internet Banking Cautions

Internet Banking Thief

Banking on the web, the safe way

Installs, Unwanted
Installing software and getting more than you wanted

Unwanted software Installs

Installing software and ending up with more than your intended on

Kids / Social Media / Cyber Bullies
Protecting your kids from the bad side of the internet

Kids at computer

Protection your children from the dark side of the internet.

Pirate / Adult Websites
Computer Infections and dangers of these websites


More than you have bargain for?

Internet / Web / Social Media

I Love You, Please send Money

scam love you need money


Spam Emails
Spam Emails and what to look for

Spam Email

Spam email, sometimes even more than legit email, how not to fall to scams.

Virus and Mailware
Virus and Mailware concerns

Sick Computer with Virus

Virus and Mail ware, what are they, what  they do, and how to avoid them.




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