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Radio and Television Arts The Class of 1975

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This Website is dedicated to the Radio and Television Arts Class that started the program in September of 1973 at Confederation College located in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Our Classmates

Those who started the Radio & Television Arts Program in 1973

If the person has supplied a Biography, you can click on their 'Then and Now Picture' to go to that page, if one has not been supplied there will be no link on their 'Then and Now' Picture

The classmates that have supplied a Biography has  a blue background

Listed by last name then first name as we knew them back then with current last name if known

Burstrum, Mary Lou

Mary Lou Burstrum

Burton, Richard

Coates, Chris

Chris Coates


Comeau, Claude

Claude Comeau

EK, Carl

Emack, Jeff

Enders, Tom

Tom Enders

Gerrie, Vern

Vern Gerrie

Graham, Sharon

Sharon Graham


Halverson, Roxanne

Roxanne Halverson


Haney, James

James Haney

Kappel, Deanna

Deanna Kappel


Kerr, Donald

Donald Kerr

Face book Profile Link:


Krzoska, Gordon

Gordon Krzoska

Lochead, John

McDonald, Allan

McLean, Greg

Greg McLean

Miller, Cam

Cam Miller

Parker, John

Pernsky, Gary

Gary Pernski

Porter, David

Raynara, R

Roach, Brian

Brian Roach


Skakun, Cheryl (Now 'Van Der Raadt')

Cheryl Skakun


Skakun, Wes

Wes Skakun


Tabor, Bonnie

Bonnie Tabor


Turner, Geoff

Geoff Turner


Tuttle, Wayne

Wayne Tuttle

Face book Profile Link:


Webb, Wally

Wally Webb



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